I help aging women with fears and a lack of interest in life restore their image, lose weight, find a spiritual path, and dream again.

After working with me, clients will be apart of a new generation of mature women who hold the power to embrace their golden years, are comfortable in their bodies, able to build a new career, and find love!

Enjoy a FREE 30-minute discovery session with Me.

Your first consultation with me has to be face to face either in-person or by Skype! I want to feel you so we can connect on a deeper level.

This face-to-face preference is my personalized approach as a life coach, or Kabbalistic-Inspired Mentor, as I prefer to say.

At the age of 19, I discovered my abilities as a spiritual medium and how to read the energy behind people’s eyes. I am then able to assess how I can help the person. I offer a holistic approach to suit your individual needs.

This initial consultation is to listen and guide you to take charge of your life!

Yes, Happiness DOES Exist!

Yes, Happiness DOES Exist! Today we’re going to talk about HAPPINESS. I am very tired…


Take A Break And Think

“TAKE A BREAK AND THINK”  Let’s do a little exercise together.  As you begin this…


Nutrition Consultation

Nutrition Consultations with Sylvie de Gil Email to schedule your consultation now!