My Itinerary

Who is Sylvie de Gil?

I am a Woman’s Coach on a pursuit to Empow(her) the Pow(her)ful on How To Discover The True Woman Within!

My mission this lifetime is guided by the question… “What should I bring to this world that combines my three passions and professions: fashion, nutrition and spirituality?”

I am a working-waterholic, wife, and devout-mother, born in Paris and living between Los Angeles and New York.  I enjoy guiding people to reach their personal, professional and spiritual goals.

Professional studies, traveling experiences and living in different countries have led to my successful coaching career. Due to living across the span of the Americas (North and South), Australia, and Europe, I’ve gained worldly perspectives. I choose to shine the different cultural perspectices onto my clients.

From a very young age, I began to study the mystical Kabbalah. I bought dozens of books to learn more about the ancient wisdom. Kabbalah shaped me into the person I am today by allowing me to see the ‘Big Picture.’  In turn, it allows me to help others do the same.

Professional Life

I founded Jomsy Fashion, a company located in the Los Angeles Fashion District offering coaching services, courses and workshops. With my knowledge and experience in the industry, I desire to help and motivate aspiring designers trying to get into the industry.

While working in fashion, I studied at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and became a registered holistic practitioner. From there, I went on to become a speaker at conferences all over the world. While doing so, I consulted fashion models on how to achieve a healthy, balanced diet.

I am currently writing a book “How To Lose Weight Quickly & Well,” in addition to coaching and giving consultations in three different languages.

Monthly, I write for Consumer Health Digest’s “Expert Panel,” contributing articles expanding on my health background.

My work has nominated me for multiple awards by different fashion blogs and magazines. ‘Social Responsibility’ and ‘Innovation,’ for example, were 2017 nominations thanks to the reputable Los Angeles Business Journal.

I have collaborated with the International Visitors Council of Los Angeles for the program ‘African Women Entrepreneurs.’

My life continues to be warmed and intensified by meeting exceptional people, from everyday civilians to political and religious figures such as the Pope John Paul II, and celebrities like Stevie Wonder.

In short, I have designed my life, reached many dreams, and continue to redesign my life, while in pursuit of newer dreams! I want to help you do the same and live a life filled with happiness. 

I am truly joyful and thank G-D every day for allowing me to have the gift of seeing the light. He gives me the ability to spread the love and wisdom to those around me!