Why do I decide to fast?

Why do I decide to fast?

Except for religious festivals, I feel from time to time the need to fast. And I must say, that I am preparing my plan for fasting. To select the day, the hours, with broth or without broth.

I  Choosing the day is very important too. Is it the weekend? The week? How to manage with my RV or planning of my professional activities that day. No invitation to have lunch planned? So choosing the day is important for some people. On weekends, friendly time with family or friends can be difficult.

What happens to me when I decide to start fasting?

I have several reasons that can be spiritual, clean your body, feel uncomfortable stomach and clean yourself, want to lose weight. So there can be several reasons, all at the same time sometimes or separated.

Personally, it is Monday, after the weekend that I fast. I still have an excess of food after the bountiful Shabbat meals and Sundays with family and friends. How to resist the Challah bread of Shabbat! Very difficult for me, Friday night is my dinner break or I have my “All you can eat” and I do not deprive myself! But if I stopped there, it would be fine but no! I continue on Saturday because in Judaism, no restriction for Shabbat so I give it to my heart joy and if Sunday noon, some friends come then it is the end! I begin to restrain myself on Sunday night. The last meal before the fast of Monday.

On Sunday night, my stomach is uncomfortable, painful and I start on Monday morning in the delivery of food. I clean my agape, I deflate my belly, drink 3 liters of water and find my way food that I had lost the space of a weekend. On Monday evening, after fasting, my normal diet starts again, I feel ready for a new week with good resolutions for the next Shabbat that unfortunately, I will not hold.

Monday’s fast reconnects me with my normal food balance that I have developed and that I need to be well. Excess food disturbs this balance, makes my stomach fragile, makes me gain weight but without frustration because I am responsible for my differences and I assume them by starting the fast of Monday.

Fasting followed because of an excess of food, the desire to lose weight taken during the weekend, gradually in the course of the day, I also reconnect spiritually with myself, deeply, without this obsession food or I forgot my self just for the benefit of my body. Gradually, I plug in new body and soul together to be in balance again and be able to address the one to whom I believe with serenity. 

Difficulties during fasting

There is little talk of difficulties during fasting but we can avoid some:

When fasting is for religious reasons, it can be a very difficult fast like that of Yom Kippur, for example, where you can not drink or eat.

I do this fast for very specific reasons and my will, my desire is immense. I am even waiting for this fast.

But that does not prevent to prepare it.

I will give you some tips:

-Avoid eating too much salt the day before.

-Avoid foods that activate the taste such as a hamburger with mayonnaise and fries.

– Begin to remove calories from the last meal before fasting, eat light, rather salad, white fish, an apple and plenty of water.

-And if it is forbidden to drink during this young, I drink 3 liters of water the day before until the last moment.

What do I get? The benefits

My fasting Monday, following my overflowing food, I derive physical and spiritual benefits. I feel well, lightened, with the feeling of having lost weight, the flat stomach, the desire to eat gluttony has disappeared, I am happy to resume my food, I feel soothed and I found the food, a spiritual relationship and a lot of thanks to her who knows how to feed me without excess.

The benefits during and after a religious fast allow me a much deeper connection with the one I believe in and the meaning of fasting. It is essential to succeed in fasting, is to know why it is done. The answer to this question will be the most important benefit of this day of voluntary restriction you have chosen to make.


Fasting is a voluntary act that should be done with consciousness.

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