Salad Niçoise Recipe By Chef Daisy Ducks & Sylvie de Gil

Salad Niçoise Recipe By Chef Daisy Ducks & Sylvie de Gil

Serves 4 people


For salad =

       2 white potatoes

       2 tomatoes

       1 radish

       2 red bell peppers

       green beans


       butter lettuce

       salad olives



       Dijon mustard

       2 lemons (optional)

       white vinegar or balsamic vinegar

       olive oil




1.   Boil the eggs in water for 12 minutes, and the potatoes (separately) in a pot for 15 minutes. 


1.   Rinse all vegetables in water and white vinegar to clean them. 

2.   Break apart the butter lettuce. This will be the base of your salad.

3.   Cut and peel radish. 

4.   Slice bell peppers, tomatoes, and celery.

5.   Chop edges off of green beans

Add ingredients to your salad.

For dressing-

1.   1 spoons of Dijon mustard

2.   2 spoons of white vinegar or balsamic vinegar (depending on a personal preference)

3.   4 spoons of olive oil

4.   Add pepper and salt to taste.

5.   Add lemon juice (optional)

6.   Mix all ingredients together!


7.   Peel eggs.

8.   Chop potatoes

9.   Place all salad ingredients in large serving bowl.

10.  Add anchovies, tuna, and salad olives.

11.   Pour on dressing

12.  Enjoy!

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