Moms-To-Be Can Now Choose the Sex of Their Baby

Moms-To-Be Can Now Choose the Sex of Their Baby

Although this blog plays on the word “granny,” some of you may certainly be (or want to be) grandmothers! In that case, share this with the women in your life who are thinking about enlarging their families. If you want to learn how to choose the sex of your baby naturally, keep reading.

One of the newest, and possibly most significant powers that women now have is the ability to choose the sex of their babies, naturally! By following the MyBuBelly, mothers around the world can choose the sex of their baby as well as boost their fertility with the first ever natural sex-choosing method .

MyBuBelly is the first method that combines pH monitoring, innovative cycle monitoring, a fertility-boosting dietary program, and personalized coaching sessions to help prepare a woman and her body to conceive either a baby girl or boy.

Many moms-to-be have their hearts set on either having a baby girl or boy. What is incredible about this program is that MyBuBelly allows them to choose the sex naturally. These decisions also benefit the “60 plus women” with hopes of having either a little grandson or granddaughter.

The MyBuBelly method is simple, modern and natural.

Note: Future mothers must start this program before trying to conceive, as it takes about three to six months to complete. MyBuBelly requires women to sign up for a monthly subscription, which grants full access to the MyBuBelly services. At the end of each month, the women have the option to either renew their subscription or unsubscribe with zero obligations or fees.

In addition, the modern MyBuBelly method combines personalized monitoring via computer or mobile device, along with a monthly delivery of products in a box. The box includes dietary supplements, pH tests, and ovulation tests every month. A hopeful soon-to-be-mother can monitor the pH, cycle, and dietary program.

This program is also extremely natural, as it works very closely with nature itself. Monitor your cycle with the unique dietary program that was designed to increase your chances of having a boy or a girl. For the dietary regime, MyBuBelly teamed up with nutritionist Raphaël Gruman to create recipes to specifically help boost fertility.

“The resulting conclusion is that a dietary programme preceding conception, and the addition of mineral salts in well-defined doses, can influence the sex of the baby,” Gruman wrote.

Gruman advises the women to start the diet at least two and a half months before attempting to conceive so that there is enough time for the pH to reach its required level, Gruman wrote on the website.

The dietary program also provides everyday hints, tips, advice, and menus.

Personalized Coaches & Team of Specialists

MyBuBelly also offers online coaching. Each woman is assigned a personalized coach to walk her through every step of the process. The coaches answer all questions and create any necessary changes needed to make sure the process is successful. The coaches are also there to offer support to the women, listen and give advice.

The help the women monitor pH levels and make sure that they are taking the dietary supplements by sending them a quick message. Coaches will also let the women know when it is the perfect time to conceive.

Additionally, MyBuBelly offers a medical board and team of specialists to answer any questions or concerns the women have. Nutritionists and doctors throughout France confirm that this method is successful.

“This totally natural method is very practical to implement, and works for all women,” Gruman wrote. “The combination of the dietary program and dietary supplements allows for a change in pH within 2 to 3 months.”

Véronique Bied Damon, a Gynaecologist who specializes in reproductive medicine also supports this method.

“Opting for natural methods is the best solution for women who wish to choose the sex of their baby,” Damon wrote. “This solution is the most physiologically-sound, the most ethical, and the most respectful of human nature.”

Valérie Grumelin, a psychologist, specializing in fertility found that the personalized coaching through MyBuBelly helped the mindset of the women.

“A woman’s mindset plays an important role in influencing her fertility. Working with women who wish to conceive requires attentive monitoring and follow-up,” Grumelin wrote. “I found the MyBuBelly method’s personalized coaching to be up to the same standard I expect.”


The search engine on the website allows women to search for delicious recipes. Dietary constraints, authorized, and unauthorized foods are also listed.

MyBuBelly is continuously updating their methods, tools and online-coaching to ensure the happiness of their customers. They want make sure that future families are completely satisfied with the process and are getting accurate results.

All moms-to-be will take on the “motherly-glow” by using the MyBuBelly program to turn their dreams into a reality.

Not only does MyBuBelly affect future mothers and their spouses but their extended families as well. MyBuBelly grants grandparents’ dreams of having a grandson or granddaughter!

Sixty and Wants To Be A Granny

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Sixty And Not A Granny encourages the empowerment of the new “60 plus” community (and all ages)! This community discusses the different powers that women have nowadays, from fashion to education, health, and now even gender-selection!

To learn more about the MyBuBelly program, click here, or to learn more about Sixty And Not A Granny, click here.


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