Lose Weight With Consciousness

I have always been in search of spiritual well-being, and I understood that it also went through nutrition. So I studied in Canada to get a nutrition diploma. For many years, I have sought to set up an ideal diet of which I am the guinea pig.

One of the significant changes in a woman’s body, when she gets to her sixties, is the weight gain due to several factors that we all know very well. This weight gain could be the cause of many people’s depression, and for some women, this cycle is accepted.

The truth is that it is entirely possible to achieve a balance between a healthy weight and the desired weight.

The idea of ​​preparing this period of life for happiness from a healthy approach connects your mind with your body.

Throughout this blog and within this community, I will coach you on this connection, as well as how to lose your excess weight efficiently and sustainably. You will learn to pass through this stage of life while having projects and dreams, thanks to my approach that is healthy, constructive, and positive.

Simply incorporate a few new principles and change some old habits that are not serving you. Maintain a stable weight by eating healthy to avoid making too many changes to your body (Tip: Avoid the “Yoyo Effect”).

If you believe in:

1. Physical Exercise

When you begin to engage in physical activity, do the same intensity over 30 minutes to an hour. This will make your heart strong and happy! For added strength, you just need to add some weight training.

2. Reduce calories

Having tested my diet on myself, I can say that I have tasted the satisfaction of losing my extra pounds, while retaining my energy. The secret is to continue eating each food group with balance.

3. Keeping your weight off

The most difficult part is maintaining your ideal weight. This is where we must succeed in creating a balance with food. You must find the right balance with the foods that suit you because we are all different.

If you gain a little weight back after a gap, do not hesitate to go back to the strict low-calorie diet, even if just for a day or two.

4. To please yourself

Allow yourself an “All-You-Can-Eat” meal once a week. During this meal, you can eat what ever you would like, whether it is a religious holiday, an outing with friends, or special events.

After this hearty meal, I suggest doing a partial fast. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and a single protein meal in the evening.

It is also necessary to drink plenty of water to feel your best, prevent dehydration and help maintain your weight. This keeps our “balance” of food steady.

In conclusion, apply mindfulness to the diet regime to avoid becoming bored. Diet with consciousness.  Have respect for the food, because this will show respect for your body.

Lose Weight with AWARENESS!

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