How To: Live Pain Free After 60 – Interview With Batista Gremaud

How To: Live Pain Free After 60 – Interview With Batista Gremaud

From Farmland to Mecca 

My name is Batista Gremaud, I grew up in Switzerland on a small town farm. My mother was a ballet dancer and dance studio owner, and my father was a well known mime artist performer. I started dancing at the age of 3 and had a international career in ballet and flamenco dancing. I was touring the world, and my travels eventually landed me in Los Angeles, where I settled.

As many dancers do, I incurred injuries over the years through over exerting myself, performing even while injured, gone through radical diets to manage my weight. In lieu of all the dysfunctions that I have put myself through for the sake of my profession, regardless of how injured I was or how I felt, the show had to go on.

In 2008, approaching my fifties life began to get the best of me. My injuries became more chronic such as sciatica, frozen shoulder, knee and constant Achilles tendon impairment. I also started gaining weight uncontrollably regardless of diets.

Woman – Artist – Business Owner

My businesses were booming! I was teaching dance education to over 1000 children weekly in the Los Angeles Unified schools and surrounding areas. With my professional dance company, I was providing regular entertainment. I was also running a successful dance studio in Marina Del Rey until it burned down to the ground and I lost everything. How’s that for stress? By normal standards, I was a successful woman, artist and business owner.

My physical condition though was getting worse by the day and I was experiencing a rapid loss of energy and well-being.

Years of studying various intuitive healing modalities taught me the power of manifestation. I then made the intention to reverse my seemingly hopeless deteriorating physical condition.

Meeting With Dr. Fitness USA

The very next day, I met Stephen Hercy AKA Dr Fitness USA. Instinctively I knew that this was my next step forward. I was very captivated by his unique approach to working out, which takes into consideration male and female energy principles as it relates to bodybuilding, in a holistic manner. Coming from a professional entertainer background where no pain no gain is the norm, hearing concepts like “never doing anything that is uncomfortable”, seemed not only peculiar but rather unrealistic! Besides, as a dancer with several injuries, weight lifting was by far the last thing in my consciousness. Nevertheless I was desperate to heal myself and be out of pain, so I immediately joined Dr Fitness USA’s prescription strength-training program, which became a new starting point in my life.

Walking into Gold’s gym, the Mecca of Bodybuilding, for the first time was a very intimidating experience. I felt completely outside of my element. Nevertheless, during the first 20 minutes of the very first training session, I was leg pressing over 350 lbs easily, with no discomfort whatsoever and regardless of my frozen shoulder, I was able to chest press 25 lbs. Dumbbells! Within a few weeks my injuries started to heal and within a few months I became pain free; my weight stabilized and continued to progressively go down; I got my body and my life back.

This process of mind body connection fascinated me so much, that I spent the next several years studying and becoming a prolific researcher in physical health.

Health=Mind-Body Connection

My expertise in strength training includes structural realignment of the spine, getting rid of back pain without surgery and injury prevention. I am the author of the  No. 1 Best selling book Feminine Body Design, empowering fitness for a pain free life, and “Posture4power”.

I learned about the power of building TRUE STRENGTH from grounding my body with advanced ergonomics applied to exercises, equipment, machines and correct postural alignment, which is so important for the brain-muscle connection necessary to relieve stress on the nervous system and heal the body.

Throughout this beautiful journey, Stephen Hercy (Dr Fitness USA), and I began to date, and later married. Ten years later, at 58, I am totally free of injuries, stronger, healthier and happier than ever before, with a wonderful husband to top it all.

International Institute of Body Design & Feminine Body Design Prescription Strength Training Program

We now have a successful family business. I became the co-founder of the International Institute of Body Design and the co-creator of the Feminine Body Design prescription strength training program, assisting women over 40 look and feel 15 years younger and achieve a pain free life.

A visionary also certified in hand’s on healing, intuitive readings and energy clearing, my long time passion in quantum physiques and metaphysical science inspires me to help people of all ages to achieve greater integration of body, mind and spirit through the practice of strengthening the body and the mind with the Body Design Formula prescription strength training coaching system as a vehicle to achieve wholeness of all the elements of one’s self. As a women’s health advocate, I teach busy women how to workout from a female perspective, to set boundaries and say no to doing things that are destructive or counter productive, to overcome obstacles, eliminate pain and manage stress in their lives.

Prescription Strength Training: The Keys To The Fountain Of Youth

One of the things that sets us apart in the fitness industry is, we understand that you have within you a personal divine design. Our prescription strength training formulas involve taking an overview of the whole body, quite like the perspective of a yoga master; your body is not seen as separate pieces to be targeted for weight training, but rather as the reflection of the person you are as a whole.

Our revolutionary approach involves creating what we call “an individualized body design plan, which is a choreographed set of specific movement sequences with weights that will sculpt your body into its perfect form.” In this design, which takes us long hours of intense concentration and study of your musculoskeletal structure to create, we will correct those problems by removing the causative factors in overuse injuries and by developing those muscles that have atrophied from lack of use. This  system will realign the posture caused by the effects of aging and, through realignment of the posture, your body will begin to transform itself into a new and shapely figure.

Importance of Performing With A Particular Machine

We care about the details. Through our  expertise and thorough knowledge of physiology, we enable our students to tune into their feelings and get comfortable with weight training. Performing an exercise with a particular machine should be like stepping into a comfortable pair of shoes that fit your foot exactly as they should. Like shoes that don’t fit–that pinch, slip and slide–, machines can be uncomfortable because they are not the right size. Adjustments may need to be made. For example, special pads or particular ways of holding and moving the weighted parts of the machine need to be specified so that the machine fits your body correctly. When a machine is adjusted to your body with advanced ergonomics, exercise can be properly and efficiently executed so that your body feels exalted, not stressed.

This enables our students to excel and go above and beyond any self-imposed limitations.

The first time a students does her program, she will immediately experience a 20% to 50% increase in her physical strength, which will make her feel successful. The positive feelings produced by this achievement will override the emotional inertia that made her feel unmotivated to workout. This reawakens archetypal images of strength that remained dormant in the unconscious mind, which will lead to a greater ability to stay motivated and experience a higher level of self esteem.

Performance vs. Performance

Another major difference is we teach process of performance vs. performance. Performance is male energy or Yang, and is what personal trainers teach their clients to do: to try to do more than they can comfortably do by going for the pain. Performance oriented exercises is what women do when they work out on their own or with a trainer. By carrying over their masculine side from work to play, (Yang)  they remain in their head, not grounded in their feelings (Female energy / Yin).

Process of performance is the opposite and is what a woman needs to find balance.  It enables her to access her femininity; it also teaches her not to do things that are hurtful or uncomfortable while working out. This empowering process gets her out of her head and into her body, where she can be at ease with herself, where she knows what she’s doing, and is in control. It allows her to accesses her feeling side (Yin), thus making a stronger muscle-brain connection. As she learns her program, she understands what she needs to do in the gym and, over time, this knowledge will carry over to other areas of her life. She doesn’t have to be pushed to do anything. Automatically, she will do her best because it feels comfortable and will become grounded in her body (Yin) and achieve overall Yin/Yang balance.

Dr. Fitness USA’s Body Design Formula Prescription Strength Training System

The Dr Fitness USA’s Body Design Formula prescription strength training system brings about a positive transformational change in physical / emotional balance through a very intimate brain-muscle connection. At, we teach Our students rediscover the joy of becoming masters of their own body,  become independent vs. codependent, and the fun of working out from a female perspective, which naturally will unveil the Key To The Fountain Of Youth.

Written by Batista Gremaud ~

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