Yes, Happiness DOES Exist!

Yes, Happiness DOES Exist!

Today we’re going to talk about HAPPINESS.
I am very tired of always talking about suffering. It is easy to talk about life’s misfortunes as these are very exposed in the newspapers, on the internet, during debates, conversations, in movies, books and even in music.
I am not the one to give a sophisticated explanation of happiness, I just simply want to talk about it. And in the search for spirituality, some people pray, meditate, or even study.

Spiritual Elevation

People often study prayer or religions to reach a certain “level of consciousness,” or spiritual elevation, and we reach this level only for OURself, OUR own benefit, AND the search for the understanding of who WE are.
And if this spiritual quest finally results in “looking” to others, it is always to help them in their suffering. Why not look to the happy people as well? Why only those who are suffering and not happy.
Do happy people not have stories? They stay in their shell, they don’t talk about their happiness, they keep a low profile, and they are kind of forced to keep their happiness to themselves. We do not allow this level of happiness, unless we are happy in our own life too. Most people don’t believe that it is possible to be really happy! Who? The envious, the skeptics, and the negative people.

Happiness is Magnetic

I believe that happiness is positive and attracts like a magnet. You have to touch people who have happiness in order for their happiness to radiate onto you. I will give you a few small secrets that may seem so obvious that we sometimes forget them.
We have eyes to see, and ears to listen, easy no? But who should we be listening to? What should we be looking for?
I think we should look for the people that smile. The people that avoid constant complaining, the people with peaceful eyes and with a heart full of love.
The next time you are taking a walk, stop and look at the beauty of a flower. Feel its pedals, and right in that moment, you will feel a wave of happiness when you simply take the time to observe a something so simple and yet so beautiful.
Look for what you love and what moves you. Listen to your heart and illuminate your eyes.
Ah yes, happiness DOES exist! Touch it! See it! Smell it! Listen to it! Taste it!
I wish you a great week and I will see you next week.
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