Get to Sleep Quickly Without Drugs or Side Effects

Get to Sleep Quickly Without Drugs or Side Effects

Sleep is one of the most powerful processes to create and maintain a healthy body. You can awaken refreshed and renew for a new day—plus you will release unresolved issues from previous days, weeks, and even years!

During the day, you might reflect on what’s going on now or the past, with racing thoughts bringing fear and anticipation of difficulty sleeping, or even a sleepless night.

Whoa!! What happened is you just gave your subconscious in order to not sleep tonight! It’s called Auto-suggestion!

As this concern become repetitive, the subconscious accepts this fact: no sleep tonight.

Here how to lift these suggestions out of your subconscious mind:

  1. First, no coffee in afternoon
  2. Create a peaceful sleep environment in your bedroom. No computer, no paperwork, no viewing TV and screens, no clutter, no home office in your room—hence your last vision is regarding unfinished work; Bedrooms are for dreams and lovemaking.
  3. Make sure temperature is pleasant
  4. And of course, no news from phone or TV, to keep that stress out of your subconscious

Do this Calm, Relax, Sleep exercise

  1. Breathe in gently and exhale while saying “Calm” to yourself
  2. Repeat, saying “Relax
  3. Repeat, saying “Sleep

As you repeat these suggestions to your subconscious mind, you are creating a self-hypnosis process to bypass your critical mind and access directly your subconscious mind.

Stay with it and you will fall asleep in a few moments or longer. If it takes a while, stick with it—as long as it takes—it’s so worth it!

The more you use it, the stronger it gets.

Good night and sleep well!

Would love to read your feedback and success.

By Viviane Oberhand

About Viviane Oberhand: Viviane Oberhand was born in Tunisia in 1950, facing a difficult childhood of sexual abuse and poverty.

After receiving professional training and certification in a number of transformational modalities in 2001, Viviane created a new pathway to wellness, using mind and spirit to heal the body and emotions, now called The Oberhand Method™.


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