Paris, London, Milan, New York… I think it’s safe to say the majority of the world’s major fashion hubs are in Europe. Thus, what better place to dive into the fashion industry than the Fashion Capital of the World, Paris!

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Paris, France

Paris, the city that discovered haute couture, is historically known for its sophisticated, effortless elegant style of dress. Never giving into the global trends of oversized clothing, the French stick to a well-fitted dress code. Typically, color trends normally remain monochromatic and often neutral colored, however, embroidery and accessories aren’t completely off the table (just less present than they are in Africa or North American fashion trends). Specifically, regarding Paris Street Fashion, tennis shoes and layering are major trends. The hustle and bustle that comes with living in a big city (which usually involves commuting to work via public transportation or walking).


Photo Source: Harpers Bazaar

London, United Kingdom

It seems like London Fashion is always funkier than its counterparts in Fashion Week like Paris or New York. In a place where even the tube can seem like your fashion show, trends vary! They range from high-fashion displays in international powerhouse’s windows, to outlying markets full of entrepreneurs selling their funky streetwear of underground trends.

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Have you ever heard the saying history repeats itself? Well that stands true for fashion too. London is reviving a look of big hair and shoulder pads, dating back to which decade? That’s right, the 80’s baby!

Photo Source: Elle

Other trends, highlighted this past London Fashion Week, include army connotations (khaki’s & green’s, heavy hardware, etc.), layering prints heavily, tulle and chiffon sheer layering, and statement sleeves.


Photo Source: Style Caster

Milan, Italy

Next stop on our European Fashion exploration, Milan, Italy!

Milan fashion is all about glamour, glamour, glamour! Trends in this Southern European city, are more 70’s reboot compared to other fashion hubs. And consequently, chic is the name of the game. Fashion trends include high-waisted jumpsuits or bottoms, shirt underneath tank look, thick jackets (sometimes with power shoulders), and overall geek-chic looks.

Alas, no matter where you are in the world, fashion is ever-present and ever-changing, making it hard to keep up but hopefully this helped!

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