Fashion, a delicious way to lose weight!

Or how to be thin by being chic.

Today, the sixties are not only confronted almost every day alongside the cliché of thinness, but also with the ridiculous term “senior status.”

So, I decided to put an end to these silly reflections, once for all, which proves to be without any foundation as you will read below.

The reality

How many times when shopping, did you notice a little black dress so elegant that you wanted to buy it, but your size was no longer available (a tip, change store!)? Or when you hesitated to take it in a smaller size, because you first wanted to see if you were going to succeed in your diet, but ultimately, you did not buy anything?

The remedy? We can thank our wardrobe.

And this is where I intervene … Let me share with you an original and incredibly effective way to lose weight. Use the love you have for fashion, dresses, and all of the accessories, to motivate you to become your ideal weight.

Why wouldn’t you want to wear the lovely skirt and small,

silk blouse, that gives you the motivation to be one of the models that stroll down the catwalks during the fashion week?

Obviously, to get there, we’ll have to hinder you (oh, what an ugly word!), I prefer to say: You decide to diet to achieve your goals. But this seems like torture to you.

And yet, all this is feasible and much easier than you imagine, based on the magnitude of your drive to fit into the piece of clothing. Let me explain: The more addicted to your goal you become, the more likely you will succeed in becoming your dream self, and consequently, the more you will do to make it happen. Recognize that your idea is excellent and that, without knowing it, you had the solution within you!

So, I summarize:

Fixate yourself on a fashion item that you really want to wear, rather than think about what you will eat to get there. With this idea in mind, you will need a regimen to help you become your ideal weight peacefully (tip: avoid delirious goals!), and eat healthily.

Throughout this blog, we will speak about my method for losing weight with an awareness that I developed, after receiving a Canadian Nutrition Diploma, and fifteen years of research on the ideal diet.

Simple, right? So let us unite to win the battle of the superfluous pounds and enter our favorite little dress that we keep very carefully in the corner of the wardrobe, between sighs and regrets, from not being able to wear it…yet!

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