About Sylvie de Gil

My Message:

I believe that the question that has guided my mission throughout my life is

“why are we living a life full of so many fears?”

By identifying and conquering these mental blocks holding you back, I provide you with the keys for moving towards your life’s deepest desires. Together, we break any “mountains of fears” that are limiting you from freedom and success.

I am here to empower and uplift women of all ages through body positivity, weight-loss, and spiritual fulfillment. I guide you to walk towards a luminous path filled with beauty, health, and happiness rooted at the core of your being.

My message is for you to know that you are not alone! Join a positive community of supportive women on my blog Sixty and Not A Granny to share articles and tips encouraging self-love.

Through studying Kabbalah – an esoteric method, discipline, and school of thought that originated in Judaism, I use my spiritual knowledge to enhance the lives of others. I encourage women to find happiness in their career and relationships, including the one with themselves by visualizing their “Big Picture.”

I graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2003 with the title of Consultant Practitioner and became accredited by the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants. As a Holistic Nutritional Consultant, I strengthen the power of self-responsibility by empowering clients through personalized education and information. After 15 years of research on how to lose weight with consciousness, I have developed a diet regime that is outlined in my book:

Je Maigris Vite Et Bien (I Can Lose Weight Well & Fast.)

I have been the CEO of Jomsy, Inc. after founding the company ten years ago. Jomsy Fashion is dedicated to coaching and consulting young up-and-coming designers on how to develop their ideas and turn them into a reality. As the author of An Entire Fashion Entrepreneurship Course, my accumulated knowledge of fashion has finally been condensed into one book and has many online courses and videos.

My work has been recognized through multiple awards including the “Friendship Award” by Los Angeles Consular Corps Ladies Association, along with the title of “Styliste Internationale” by the Tahiti Motion Picture Television & Entertainment Award. Additionally, Jomsy Fashion has received award nominations by the Los Angeles Business Journal in “Innovation” and “Social Responsibility,” and has published articles in magazines and newspapers in France and the United States.

Living in different countries and speaking three languages has contributed to my broad global perspectives. Through my experiences, I have connected with people, personalities, and auras from different walks of life, including The Pope, Stevie Wonder, Roberto Robaina, and Shimon Peres. Upon all of the listening, understanding and adapting to the diverse men and women, cultures, and religions, my conclusion is that we are all unique! We all need help! And we all need love!

It is this very realization that has resulted in my mission to help empower and motivate women which has lead to my successful coaching career.

In short, I am a working-waterholic, wife, and devout-mother, born in Paris and living between Los Angeles and New York. I enjoy life and guide people to reach their personal, professional and spiritual goals.

Why Women?

I will work individually with women to empower them, take care of their physical and mental health, self-image, and fears. I especially want older women to embrace their age. For example, let’s say a woman in her 60’s walks into the Coaching Center. She used to be a model, and she was very slim and beautiful. She is older now and thinks she cannot work as a model anymore because she has wrinkles, grey hairs, and put on weight. She gets depressed each birthday. My goal is to revitalize this woman and for her to feel like she can still design her life!

I feel as though each part of life is a new step. “If our mind is active and healthy, we will love our body, wrinkles, and old age. Why not begin a new career? Why not model clothing for mature women? And most importantly, share our experiences with others! Smile, dream big, buy a new dress, or a new house even! Live in the present and create goals to target the future we want to live.

To all the women in the world: “Live each day with passion and love. Don’t waste your time! When you turn forty, don’t live in the past, choose to live in the moment! Let us begin to open our eyes and prepare ourselves for our sixties and beyond. We can prepare new goals for the upcoming chapters of our lives. When you are sixty and older, continue to have a lot of dreams. Life is far from over, and these chapters are still being written!”

Eat your life, dream your life, love your life. And take time to take care of yourself.