3 Self-Acceptance Tools For Mature Women

3 Self-Acceptance Tools For Mature Women

Let’s embracing the changes in the body. In this article, I am going to give you three tools for accepting yourself as a mature woman. I want you to love and assume this new and beautiful woman i1n your golden age.

I worked in fashion for many years, and I use this expertise in my coaching services because it is clear that as the years go by, the body changes. The first gray hairs, arms that lose their muscles, wrinkles, in short, I call this “the image of time passing”.

In spite of all these “inconveniences” from growing more mature in our bodies, it is through these same inconveniences that I learned to accept myself as I am now. Sometimes I even prefer this image of myself today than to that of my youth. I prefer my hair for example…

I can share these secrets with you as I have gone through years of anxiety, depression, menopause, weight gain. But now I have a toolkit for adapting to these difficult moments and I want to share them with you.

Tool #1: Find what you love again!

My first tool for self-acceptance is to find what you love again. What are your deepest likes and interests that people may or may not know about you?

Sometimes, as you grow more mature you lose sight of what you love. How many of you have forgotten your love for painting, collaging,  sewing, writing, thinking, speaking, dancing..? Go deep inside of yourself to find what you really love.

Tool #2: Pursue what you love!

After you find what you love, the second tool for self-acceptance is taking what you love even deeper, by pursuing it! If you love nutrition or any subject, be it fashion, women’s rights, or drawing, why not take a course on the subject? You will learn it more profoundly and if you really want to challenge yourself, commit yourself to going back to school to obtain a certificate, degree and/or begin a new career! It is never too late!

Back to my example, once I was honest with myself around what I really like, I made the second step to work on my passions! After all, we are becoming a new woman, right?

I followed trainings, went back to school, became a nutritionist and created a fashion center for aspiring creators.

I wrote books on two of my biggest passions. One explores nutrition and my diet called “How to Lose Weight Well & Fast.” My other book “An Entire Fashion Entrepreneurship Course” is an in-depth guide for fashion lovers wanting to turn their passion into a business.   

These are all examples of how you can pursue your interests! If I can do it, you absolutely can too!

My advice to you is to be yourself. Don’t conform to the people around you or to who society wants you to be. Be yourself. We are mature women. We need to recognize our strength, and not be afraid that we have lived a large portion of our lives and that we still get to design this new future with ambition, dreams, and self-confidence.

Tool #3: Rediscover your spirituality!

And finally, My third tool is to rediscover your spirituality. Use this period of your life to get more connected to Source. It doesn’t matter who or what you put your faith in, but you should establish a relationship with your spirituality because it will help you give thanks every day for being alive and to see your family growing, day after day.

I myself, have been on a path of forgiveness and spirituality. This has been a huge help because every morning, I thank G-d for being alive and being able to see my child become the fabulous person she is and to be with her for another day.

There you have it. Three tools for self-acceptance.

Number 1: find what you love.

Number 2 focus on and accomplish what you love.

And number 3 return to spirituality. For me, these are the three keystones to begin a new life in your golden age.

Something that I love is that when we become mature, we become a new woman in the body and in the mind. We may have left the most important part of life behind. Maybe we gave life. Assume this new and beautiful woman in your golden age and focus on a new mission that you have to do, to have success in your new stage and to help the women around us with fears and lack of interest in life.

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